Questions about subscriptions


What discount do I get on my subscription?

High Five Fitness Network has several great arrangements with Gyms and Clubs. Would you like to know exactly what the monthly costs are for the sports center of your choice? This can be found when you view the subscription in the High Five Fitness Network portal.

When your employer settles the contribution of your subscription via the gross salary, you have an additional tax benefit of 36-52%, depending on the salary scale you are in.

Please note that private promotions and / or discounts do not apply when taking out a subscription via the High Five Fitness Network.


How does the financial settlement work?

If your employer pays part of your sports subscription or you have the gross / net benefit, your subscription will be deducted from your salary. If you have issued an authorization for direct debit when taking out the subscription, the subscription (or part of it) will be debited from your account every month.


How can I terminate my membership as a participant?

You should always cancel your membership via the High Five Fitness Network. This is possible after you have logged in to the portal. Go to the subscriptions tab and choose "cancel". At the confirmation, the date is shown as of when it can be cancelled. Until this date, you can continue to use the facilities of the fitness center.

If you are no longer able to exercise for medical reasons, you can cancel your subscription sooner. For this we need proof of this medical reason from you. This can be done with the help of an appointment card. If you exercise through your employer, the medical reason can also be confirmed by our contact at your employer. You should email the necessary proof to network@highfive.fit. After that we will unsubscribe you as soon as possible (at the end of the relevant month) and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

If you want to unsubscribe due to a move of more than 15 kilometers, you can cancel your subscription sooner. For this we need a proof of relocation. This can be proof of registration at the new address or a copy of a bank statement with your new address on it. If you exercise through your employer, our contact person at your employer can also confirm your move. You can email the necessary proof to network@highfive.fit. We will then unsubscribe as soon as possible and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

If you wish to end your subscription due to termination of employment, we must receive an email from your employer with the date of termination of employment. Your subscription is automatically canceled when your employer sends a personnel list every month.


Questions about Basic-Fit


I want to convert my private Basic-Fit subscription to a subscription via the High Five Fitness Network. How do I do that?

If you have a current private subscription with Basic-Fit, this subscription will first have to be canceled. After this you can sign up for a company fitness subscription via the High Five Network. We can cancel your private subscription for you. We would like to receive the private pass number and your name and address by email (fitnessnetwork@highfive.fit). As soon as we have received this information from you, we will contact the Basic-Fit head office to have your private subscription canceled as of the first possible cancellation date (generally the first of the following month).

We will then inform you of the end date, so that you know when you can register via High Five.


Questions about payment and rates

I have a different bank account number, so the payment is no longer successful. How can I change my bank account number?

If you want to change your account number, you can easily do this yourself online via your personal page. After logging in (via https://fitnessnetwork.highfive.fit, click on the my details tab. Then click on change and choose "change account number". Here you enter your new details and sign using your mouse.


If you have forgotten your password, please use the "forgot password" link

If you have forgotten your e-mail address, please contact us on +31 (0) 20 - 42 61 234 or send an email to fitnessnetwork@highfive.fit. We will then check your details and adjust the e-mail address to the address provided.


Questions about the sports center

I can see the sports center on the High Five Fitness Network website, but I cannot choose it. How is that possible?

The High Five Fitness Network has included more than 2000 sports centers in the network. Your employer may have chosen not to include this sports center in their list of centers. At the moment you can only use the company fitness scheme at the sports centers selected by your employer.


Access to the sports center is refused as payment would not have been made. Is that right?

The sports center can submit the invoices online, as long as they do so they will always be paid by the High Five Fitness Network. There should therefore be no reason why the sports center denies the participant access. In case of problems, you can point this out to the sports center and, if necessary, have them contact us.

If participants fail pay, the subscription will be terminated and the overdue amount will be collected with the help of a collection agency.


How can I transfer to another sports center?

If you are currently using the (company) fitness scheme via our Fitness network and you want to switch to another sports center, you must first cancel your current subscription. If you are still within the first 6 months of your subscription, these remaining months will need to be completed first. After your subscription has ended, you can register at the sports center of your choice via your personal page on our portal.


Questions about starting with Fitness

My employee number / e-mail address is already in use. How is that possible?

When your company fitness subscription expires or is terminated, your user account will remain. If you want to start a new membership, you do not have to enter all personal data again. You can immediately and quickly select a new center. You can also request your password by clicking on "forgot password?" to click. To do this, go to https://fitnessnetwork.highfive.fit/login


I want to register with the High Five Fitness Network as an employee / (healthcare) insured person. How do I do that?

As an employee or (health care) insured person, you have the option of using the High Five Fitness Network through your employer or health insurer. Unique code with which you can create an account is known to your employer. To register through the (health) insurer, you can find this information on the website of the (health) insurer.


Questions about Health City

What about the Corona compensation scheme?

This is an acquisition. The compensation scheme was an agreement with the Health City branch and can therefore not be taken over.


What if my term has expired and I can now cancel monthly?

If you immediately take out a new Basic-Fit subscription, this can be canceled monthly. If you go to another provider, this will expire.

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